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Info about Järnforsen


Järnforsen is a community in Hultsfred municipality and one of the area's most vibrant. The entrepreneurial spirit really lives on with us. Several companies expand and build on their premises.

Here on our website you will find information about our society. Everything from what is offered for service, activities and events to schools, associations and companies.

Järnforsen Spirit

There is a lot of talk about Järnforsenandan. We who live here in the community simply come together and do something that is good for the whole community.


People lived here as early as 6000 BC. The place is first mentioned in 1337 as Öaerithe, and in 1355 the spelling Järhida appears. The church was built in 1771 and stands in the same place where wooden churches have stood before.

Fröreda Storegård is a building monument with outstanding hand-painted wallpaper and a remarkable interior painting. A few kilometers to the west is Kungsbro, where Gustav II Adolf fought one of his first battles in 1612. That summer Klövdala village was burned by the Danes but the villagers fled to a nearby cave.

With farm environments from the 19th century and a well-preserved agricultural landscape, the villages of Skinnskälla, Högeruda, Slättemossa and Ryd are of national interest for cultural heritage conservation. Here the broad-leaved marsh orchid has its northernmost location.

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